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Sharyn Wynters, Naturopath

Welcome to Wynter's Way, the official website of naturopath Sharyn Wynters

A few words from Sharyn Wynters...

"They say a journey starts with a single step or that life can change in a twinkling of an eye, I came to know that both of those statements are so true. When I first came to Hollywood, as do many young people, I felt I was invincible; that the crazy hours, demands on my body, fast food, the toxins around me, the toxic people that were sometimes in my life, the consequences of my own emotions, and the unrelenting stress—that I was immune, but all took their toll on my body.

At the height of my career I found myself alone, in a doctor's office, being told the unimaginable, that I had a degenerative disease, that I had cancer. After being very scared, I decided I was not my diagnosis and to find help, it was a turning point in my life in so many ways.

Ultimately, I turned fear into victory by eliminating toxins and toxic products from my daily routine and from my living environment. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to recover—I am so appalled that the general public is completely unaware of how seriously toxins had infiltrated every walk of life—everything from food and personal care products to the materials we use to build our homes.

I kept acting, but pursued what would become a lifelong passion and mission, that catapulted me into becoming a naturopathic doctor. For years, I have helped people make healthier choices in their lives and to embrace vibrant health as their birthright. The Pure Cure is the culmination of 37 years of research and a commitment to help others find the same vibrant life I have discovered by living toxin-free. I wanted what I had learned to have a worldwide impact. My mission is to help people raise their awareness about the toxins around them and that they have the power to make changes that will change their lives and that of their families lives forever.

The Pure Cure

The Pure Cure will alert you to many serious toxins you never knew existed and it will guide you to natural alternatives. This book is for every parent who wants to raise his or her children in a safe environment. It is for every health care practitioner whose mission is to be a catalyst for health and change, and it is for every person who yearns to be well. Whether you struggle with your health or just want to stay healthy, The Pure Cure gives you the information and the ability to make healthier choices and to help our planet be healthier one person at a time."

- Love and light, Sharyn Wynters

Sharyn Wynters is a Naturopath, nutritionist, raw-foods expert, holistic healer, author, and more! She created Healthy Living the Wynters Way to share the personal and environmental benefits of natural, conscious, pure living. Here you'll find books, products, articles, services, and more for being healthy, happy, and toxin-free!

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