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Two little BIGGIES: Spirulina and Resveratrol

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Two little BIGGIES: Spirulina and Resveratrol

Most of you know Sunrider has a concentrated spirulina product, but how many of you understand what you’re missing when you don’t take it every day?

Resveratrol is another little-known ingredient in the Sunrider product line. Did you know it can have BIG benefits when taken regularly? Following is a synopsis on these two little BIGGIES.

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae similar to sea vegetables like dulse, kelp, nori, kombu, arame, wakame, and chlorella. However, compared to other sea vegetables, spirulina has much greater nutrient bioavailability and it is easily digested.

The AARP labeled spirulina as a #1 superfood in 2005. Because of its rich nutrient content and abundant protein, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization identified it as a key in the battle against malnutrition.

Spirulina contains 65-70 percent protein; it is one of the few foods that are considered a complete protein, rivaling milk, eggs, and beef. By weight, it contains 300% more protein than fish, poultry or meat! Spirulina contains other important phytonutrients, too:


  • Essential fatty acids, including hard-to-find gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) for heart, immune, and joint health
  • Vitamin B12 (hard to get in a vegetarian diet)
  • Bioavailable minerals and trace minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and zinc
  • Antioxidants–particularly Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
  • Natural plant pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids, zeaxanthin, and phycocyanin)

One of the plant pigments found uniquely in spirulina is being reviewed for its role in stem cell regeneration, and for anti-cancer properties. Children in Russia who received spirulina after radiation exposure (still an issue for us) experienced less radiation sickness and fewer allergies than a control group.

Research suggests spirulina supports:

  • A healthy immune response
  • Heavy metal detox
  • Optimal gastrointestinal flora
  • Optimal digestion
  • Normal blood pressure & blood sugar levels
  • Optimal cardiovascular health
  • Increased energy

So what are you missing when you don’t take this every day? Complete protein, antioxidants, bioavailable trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and lots of synergistic benefits because of the unique Sunrider process. Don’t miss out any longer. Add spirulina to your diet today!

Resveratrol is the substance found in red grapes that accounts for the fact that the French have a low incidence of heart disease despite smoking and a high fat diet. It inhibits the breakdown of normal heart tissue and even inhibits certain types of cancer. Resveratrol has also been associated with longevity, endurance and weight control. It improves blood flow to the brain. (Reduced blood flow is associated with aging and dementia.) It improves the efficiency of the mitochondria which provide cellular energy and endurance. Resveratrol improves insulin resistance and fat metabolism for those with glucose intolerance and weight issues. What an incredible combination of benefits!

Resveratrol is included in two of the Sunrider weight management formulas. Even though I don’t have a problem with weight, I take them every day for metabolic support.


Because Sunrider formulas are concentrated, the amount of resveratrol in a bottle of MetaShaper is equivalent to 300 bottles of French wine-without the alcohol. Take 2-3 capsules with meals, 3 times/day.

SunTrim Plus

Resveratrol is also a part of the new SunTrim Plus formula, improving insulin resistance, and burning unwanted fat along with its other benefits. Take 3 capsules 30 minutes before each meal.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – tips for enhancing the Sunrider experience

How to use chia seeds.

Chia seeds are tiny, poppy-seed-like morsels heralded as a source of fiber, protein, minerals and antioxidants. They were a dietary staple of the Mayans and Aztecs. The water-loving seeds can absorb up to ten times their weight in water, which slows down the conversion of starches to sugars–great for those with blood sugar issues. I use chia seeds (ground or whole) to thicken smoothies, soups and other dishes. I put a teaspoon in my NuPlus shake every day. It gives the shake a creamier texture and it adds protein and fiber.

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