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Antioxidants: Protection from colds, flu & radiation from Fukushima

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The last several months have been a whirlwind for me.  I was asked to join the staff of NORI (Nutritional Oncology Research Institute) as their Director of Clinical Services. Check out more here:

NORI Sharyn Wynters
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AND. . . I now have my own Radio/TV show, called “Get Healthy the Wynters Way with The Pure Cure!” Each week we address another topic from my book, with experts in each field.  I’m having so much fun and I hope you’ll join me on Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. on www.rmconlive.com

I was also recently asked to write an article for the Beverly Hills Times magazine. I wrote about the problem of personal Sharyn Wynters Beverly Hills Times Magazineprotection against radiation resulting from the ongoing problem in Japan. It reminded me that antioxidants are the key to protection from a whole barrage of modern issues—everything from environmental pollutants and radiation to genetically modified foods and winter colds & flu. I know you are aware of the importance of antioxidants, but I decided to pass along a reminder that NOW is the time to protect yourself – not after you are exposed to a flu bug or to the long–term effects of radiation, environmental pollutants and genetically modified foods.

What most people don’t realize about Fukushima is that it is not going away. All efforts to this point have been directed toward containing the radiation. Unfortunately, those efforts are not working very well. Although Japan is pumping tons of contaminated water into holding tanks, (more of which are created every week to accommodate the endless amount of water used to cool the reactors) tons of radiated water are still pouring into the ocean. The bigger issue is that 11,000 nuclear fuel rods (perhaps the most dangerous things ever created by humans) need to be removed from these reactors. Experts say it will take decades to fully decommission the reactors and that it will include tasks never before attempted.

The problems at Fukushima involve a high risk of future radiation larger than the global community has ever faced. What happens at Fukushima will affect everyone on the planet. The truth is . . . it already has.  Radiation has reached unprecedented levels and it is steadily building up in the food chain. Legal limits have been raised everywhere and every time it rains, we get a new dose. Over the next few years, all our food will be contaminated; there is no way around it. We are personally being exposed to ongoing low levels of radiation that exceed any time in human history. Most people are unaware of the consequences.

Personal protection from radioactive contamination

According to radiation experts, low-level doses of ionizing radiation are hundreds of times more harmful than a large dose because they produce a steady stream of free radicals that slowly oxidize the membranes around our cells. There is no safe level—despite what you have been told. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive than adults; fetuses are thousands of times more so. Unless we protect ourselves, it will result in DNA damage, many cancers and in an increase in degenerative disease as the years go by.

Experts say that the best protection against low-level radiation is antioxidants. They recommend lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Antioxidants can be found in all fresh foods but they are abundant in many exotic fruits and superfoods. All berries are high in antioxidants—especially blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries. Beans and green tea also contain lots of antioxidants—but make sure these are organic. Pesticides reduce the antioxidants in otherwise valuable foods. They also cause free radical damage in your own body—one more reason to step up your antioxidant program. Your best bet is to find supplements with concentrated antioxidants. Two of my favorites are Calli Tea and Fortune Delight—both concentrated green tea blends
with an established track record for absorbing free radicals from radiation.

Fortune Delight and Calli Tea Wynters WayFortune Delight and Calli Tea


Calli and Fortune Delight are highly concentrated blends of black and green tea that support cleansing and detoxification.  Calli tea contains the antioxidant power of 5 or 6 cups of green tea. It also contains a blend of powerful herbs that assist in removing free radicals and in detoxifying the entire body.  Calli comes in a “tea” bag. When placed in hot water, the herbs and essences are immediately released in the water. Calli focuses on supporting the liver and the circulatory system. It targets the removal of heavy metals while breaking down plaque in hardened arteries.  Many notice improved mental clarity, increased energy and natural slimming due to improved liver function and fat metabolism.

Fortune Delight comes in powder form – made of black and green tea with other herbs that focus on cleansing and supporting the kidneys, bladder and digestive system. Fortune Delight enhances assimilation and elimination. Remember that your first line of defense is a healthy digestive system that prevents bacteria and viruses from taking hold. Many notice improvements in digestion and elimination as well as improved immune function.

Also make sure your body has plenty of minerals. If your cells have the minerals they need, radioactive elements will not find a place to reside. In other words, if bones contain plenty of minerals, radioactive strontium and barium are not drawn in. And if the thyroid has plenty of iodine, radioactive iodine is not attracted to the thyroid. So, make sure you have a good source of minerals.

Antioxidants and minerals are also the key to protection against environmental toxins which produce free radical damage similar to the damage caused by radiation. The same goes for genetically modified foods; antioxidants are the key.  They are also the key to anti-aging, so if you don’t have a good antioxidant program in place, it’s time to start one. I’m not talking about a capsule or two with breakfast. That isn’t enough. I’m talking about a complete program that includes antioxidant-rich foods, bio-available minerals and concentrated antioxidant supplements. That’s what it will take to protect you in the days ahead.


Vitadophilus Wynters WayAnother basic part of my daily program of protection is a probiotic called VitaDophilus. Probiotics balance intestinal flora and support the entire immune system. VitaDophilus uses apple powder with pectin (as a source of fiber) to carry 20 million live, cultured bacteria to your body. Apple pectin is a proven way to draw out radioactive components. Over a period of one month, the radioactive burden in exposed children was reduced by 62% with the use of apple powder alone.

If you are interested in any of these products and/or my personal program, please contact me through the website. I’ll get you started on a complete antioxidant/mineral program with regenerative foods to support every system in your body.  

If you are interested in the complete guide to freeing your life from dangerous toxins, my book is the definitive source.  It’s loaded withPURE_CURE_Sharyn_Wynters ideas.  As we approach the Holiday Season, I’m offering to autograph my book free of charge if you’d like to give it as a gift.  Contact me.

Radioactive elements and many environmental toxins are tasteless, odorless and invisible. It takes many years for cancers and other diseases to manifest. Don’t get caught with your head in the sand. Take action to protect yourself from nuclear radiation, genetically modified foods, environmental toxins and the colds and flu that are always more prevalent during the winter.


Sharyn Wynters Healthy Living the Wynters WayAs always – in love and light,



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