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Getting the Skinny on Fat! Healthy Weight Management with Sunrider

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Getting the Skinny on Fat!
Healthy Weight Management with Sunrider

Like most everything, there is good and bad in fat.  From one perspective, fat is a wonderful source  of energy. Fat also provides great protection from toxins. (When toxins can’t be immediately excreted from the body, they get sequestered in fat cells. This keeps poisons from infiltrating your organs.) But the down side is that fat and toxins tend to build up when you don’t burn fat on a regular basis.  With few opportunities for exercise, many of us end up carrying more fat that we need. Burning the excess is easier said than done.

One reason people have difficulty losing weight is that when fat is burned, it releases toxins.  Not only is dieting hard work, it also throws additional toxins into your bloodstream which can contribute to fatigue, headaches, irritability, and sluggishness. When you are losing weight, it is important to assist your body with extra fluids and extra antioxidants to neutralize toxins and flush them from your system.

Sunrider foods are exceptional for many reasons.

They help the body to continually cleanse while providing nourishment and regenerative nutrients to maintain health.  When you really immerse yourself in the Sunrider program, you are much less apt to build up fat or toxins.  But for those who are new to the Sunrider philosophy, or for those who are not completely immersed, losing weight may be an issue—and traditional dieting is not the answer.

Decades of dieters and dieting have proven that traditional diets are not successful. Typical diet products either over-stimulate your system to burn excess fat, or they depress your system so you lose your appetite.  Both approaches have negative consequences—and in the long run then can actually cause you to GAIN weight!

From a naturopathic point of view, weight loss is about increasing your output (more exercise) while supporting your body’s natural cleansing and regenerative processes.

Sunrider’s SunFit Pack provides the foundation for success.

Healthy Living the Wynters Way Sunbar Sunrider

What’s in the SunFit Pack? (Product code 00956)

SunTrim+ — 1 bottle (50 capsules)

SunTrim+ helps you eat less by creating a sense of fullness to pre-satisfy your hunger. One of the key ingredients is green coffee bean which curbs the absorption of fat and burns fat deposits stored in the back, thighs, chest, and stomach. SunTrim+ is made with concentrated antioxidants that support your healthy weight management goals. It is safe, effective, and natural; it won’t make you sluggish, irritable, or jittery.  No fillers, No stimulants, and No depressants!

Fortune Delight — Raspberry 10/3g packs

Fortune Delight provides healthy, natural hydration backed by the power of antioxidants to promote the benefits of SunTrim+ while supporting the body’s natural cleansing process.

VitaShake Strawberry — 10 pack

VitaShake is a whole-food powder with fewer than 100 calories per serving; no cholesterol, very low sodium, and low sugar, making it an ideal supplement and/or meal replacement.

SunBar Oatmeal Raisin — 10 pack

SunBars provide true nutrition and sustained energy in a concentrated herbal food bar. Coix fruit, Asparagus root, and Chinese Yam deliver nutritional punch; an expert blend of almonds, wheat germ oil, and macadamia nuts provide healthy fatty acids, rich in fiber and protein.

SunnyDew  — 1 oz. bottle

Sunny Dew is a potent blend of stevia leaf extract and chrysanthemum flowers. Highly concentrated, just a few drops of SunnyDew sweeten and enhance the flavor of foods and beverages turning a plain glass of water into a delicious beverage, with zero calories!  Stevia also helps maintain normal blood sugar levels—very important for those losing weight.

Healthy Living the Wynters Way Vitafruit


Another product I recommend along with the SunFit Pack is VitaFruit—now in 5 oz. glass vials. This concentrated herbal beverage is packed with Vitamin C and other antioxidants (bioflavanoids, carotenoids and vitamin A), to help neutralize toxins as they are released during weight loss. The vitamin C in VitaFruit has been stabilized for long-lasting antioxidant power; it stays active for up to 72 hours, rather than dissipating in 20 minutes like the vitamin C in orange juice. Add 1 vial to water for a delicious fruit drink anytime (not to be used in hot liquids).  Vita Fruit will help keep you energized and balanced while supporting tissue regeneration during weight loss.

How to lose weight with Sunrider:
1.   Start your day with a glass of Fortune Delight and SunTrim+. (Take 1 SunTrim+ capsule on the first day, 30-45 minutes before each meal; on day two, take 2 capsules before each meal; and on day three and forward,  take the recommended 3 capsules before each meal.
2.   For breakfast, make a Sunrider smoothie with any unsweetened nut milk (almond, hemp, coconut etc.) Add VitaShake, Quinary, and your favorite fruit. I like to add blueberries and/or VitaFruit for their antioxidant qualities). Sweeten with SunnyDew to taste.
3.   If you are hungry in an hour or two, eat a SunBar with a glass of Fortune Delight or VitaFruit. Sunbars contain both soluble and insoluble fiber and should be eaten with liquid.
4.   Before lunch, take SunTrim+ with Fortune Delight – then either eat a light lunch or have another VitaShake. (For greater weight loss, eat two VitaShake meals/day.) Get all the VitaShake flavors for variety.
5.   If you are hungry, have another Sunbar for a mid afternoon snack with Fortune Delight or VitaFruit.
6.   Thirty-forty-five minutes before dinner, take SunTrim+ with Fortune Delight. Eat a normal evening meal.
7.   Remember to make a pot of Calli Tea to drink throughout the day.  A nice cup of Calli tea is the perfect way to end the day.

Have FUN losing weight with Sunrider!  It’s not a diet – It’s just common sense and nutritious, regenerative foods! And it works!

Visit my newly updated website for more information on healthy living – The Wynter’s Way.

As always, In love and Light,

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