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What can you do to make 2014 the healthiest year of all?

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Get Healthy the Wynters Way

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Here are a few tips to making this year the healthiest year of all:

•    Start each day with thoughts of gratitude.  You’ll be surprised at how the message of gratitude to your whole body/mind will support your health—and bring you even more things to be grateful for!

•    Begin each day with a big glass of filtered or purified water. Water awakens all your cells to receive nourishment and it prepares your organs to carry nutrients where they are needed.  Stay away from tap water – or make sure it is filtered first. In 2014, drink more water.

•    Buy organic food whenever possible and eat a good portion of it in the raw (living) state. It communicates “life” to your cells and brings with it enzymes to assist in digestion.

•    Replace your cordless phone with a landline, and reduce the use of your cell phone. This will reduce your level of cellular  stress and make a big difference in your health.

•    Replace your personal care products (when they run out) with non-toxic alternatives. Remember that what you put on your body is essentially the same thing as putting it in your body.  Your skin absorbs everything!  Make sure it is absorbing natural, ingredients.

•     Learn to watch for natural fiber clothing as you shop this year. Synthetics keep your body from breathing and they create static that disrupts the natural electromagnetic field around your body. Natural fiber clothing is soothing for your energy field.

•    Connect with the Earth whenever you can. It’s called Earthing and it is as simple as walking barefoot on the Earth.  The Earth communicates frequencies that have been proven to balance the hormones in your body and dissipate extraneous  electromagnetic static. Besides that, it feels good to connect with the Earth.


Make this the best year ever as you eliminate toxins from your life and implement healthy alternatives. My book, The Pure Cure: A Guide to Freeing Your life From Dangerous Toxins includes hundreds of ways to live a non-toxic lifestyle.


Sharyn Wynters is a naturopath with over 30 years experience in health and wellness. She is author of the book, The Pure Cure: A Guide to Freeing your Life from Dangerous Toxins. She is also Director of Clinical Services for NORI (Nutritional Oncology Research Institute) and host of the TV/Radio show called “Get Healthy the Wynters Way with The Pure Cure!” (Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. on www.rmconlive.com) Visit her website at www.wyntersway.com.

When you purchase a copy of Sharyn’s book by clicking the link below, a portion of the proceeds benefit Cancer Schmancer.

Many of the chemicals designed to improve your life’s experience cause birth defects, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, attention deficit, early puberty, and developmental problems in children. Many are known to cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Others are known to cause neurological disorders, sexual dysfunction, and cancer.


The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide To Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins

1. Indoor Air Pollution
2. What To Do About Water
3. Electromagnetic Smog
4. What’s Wrong With Our Food?
5. In The Kitchen
6. Cleaning Agents
7. Personal Care Products
8. Baby Products
9. Clothing and Textiles
10. Home Construction and Remodeling
11. How Does Your Garden Grow?
12. Toxins In Your Teeth
13. What About Vaccines?
14. Automotive Pollutants
15. Toxins and Man’s Best Friend
16. Toxic Thoughts and Emotions
17. What About Schools?
18. What To Do When You Travel
19. Detoxification
20. Conclusion and Call To Action

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