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Duet Water Revitalizer


The Duet Water Revitalizer automates the process of structuring water. It makes slightly over 1/2 gallon of water in just 9 minutes.

Now you can compose your own water symphony using the same natural forces used by Mother Nature. The Duet Water Revitalizer returns water to its living, liquid crystalline state with high levels of energy.

• Vortexing creates a liquid crystal

• Magnetic Fields support water’s crystalline structure

• Far-Infrared wavelengths, from tourmaline, add life-supporting energy

• The mineral basket adds bio-available minerals (salts)


The Duet Water Revitalizer is similar to a blender. Turn it on; Choose a time setting; Press the “start” button and watch a beautiful vortex transform your drinking water into a liquid crystal.

NOTE: The Duet is not a water purifier. Although it will reduce chlorine and fluoride in municipal water (as the water spins), it is not intended as a water filter or purifier. Use the best water you have in the Duet–filtered, purified, distilled, Reverse Osmosis, bottled, or spring water.

Pitcher and lid – made of BPA-Free Tritan. Pitcher holds .6 gallons of water.

Product Description


9.5″W x 14″H x 9.5″D
Weight – 10 lbs
Voltage – 110V – for use in the USA, Canada & Mexico (220 version available – please ask)
Pitcher Capacity: 2.2L / 0.6 Gallon
Mineral Basket contains Prills, Ceramic Tourmaline Balls, Ceramic Ion Balls
Mineral Basket Life – ~3500 Minutes / 380 Uses
5 Year Warranty


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