Energy Enhancement Medallions




Each EEMedallion™ is enhanced in true bio-scalar technology, so you can affordably bring the benefits of hyper-healthy energy with you wherever you go!  Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harsh environment by using EEMedallions to nullify the harmful effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) and ELFs (Extremely Low Frequencies), including radio waves, microwaves, computers, cell phones, TVs, etc.

Because each EEMedallion is infused with true scalar energy, they will never lose their scalar benefits over time or damage!  In other words, if the stones are ever cracked, chipped or broken in half, they’ll still retain their health benefits due to the fact that scalar is both self-perpetuating & self-regenerating and will produce the same charge or greater charge over time.




“Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! Since purchasing my Jade Medallion, I have more energy, mental focus and my chronic Migraines have disappeared!!” ~ Sherri, Michigan

“Only having our Medallions for about 2 weeks, my husband and I have noticed a renewed energy and ‘spark’ in the bedroom and we enjoy doing outdoor activities again! Thank you for sharing your fabulous products with the world!!” ~ Betty T. – Illinois 


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