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Putting your money where your mouth is! The health of your teeth is more important than you think!

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Putting your money where your mouth is!
The health of your teeth is more important than you think!

A vital relationship exists between your teeth and the rest of your body. I wrote a whole chapter about dental health and dental toxins in my book, The Pure Cure.* The opening paragraphs of the chapter called Toxins in your Teeth discusses the relationship between your teeth and the rest of your body.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, each tooth is correlated to an acupuncture meridian and to specific organs and tissues within the body. In essence, the health of the teeth can accurately pinpoint (and cause) problems in the rest of the body. This dental/body relationship has been acknowledged by holistic physicians for decades. It is referred to as the odonto-somatic relationship.

Western medicine does not acknowledge the odonto-somatic relationship. Hence, the clues present in the teeth go unnoticed by most doctors and dentists. Also unacknowledged is the fact that bacteria from points of seemingly benign dental infection can migrate to the heart, kidney, eyes, brain, arthritic joints, and countless other body tissues, causing serious secondary infections. Unfortunately, many dentists are in the dark when it comes to taking care of your teeth, and many of the processes employed in dentistry do more harm than good. Unknowingly, patients are exposed to numerous toxins and to a variety of toxic procedures in the dental chair; they can have an effect on much more than just your teeth.

Healthy Living the Wynters Way teethThe teeth are a map of the body. It’s true. Just like the science of reflexology, where areas on the sole of the foot are connected to specific organs; and like iridology, where the iris of the eye provides information about specific points on the body, each tooth corresponds to a different organ. Some people refer to the teeth as oral acupuncture points. They are connected to the system of “energy highways” known acupuncture meridians. When a particular acupuncture meridian becomes stressed, the corresponding oral acupuncture point (tooth) becomes sensitive. And when you have problems with your teeth, it can affect areas in the rest of your body.

How does a tooth affect another organ?  Think of acupuncture meridians as electrical circuits. Infection causes a disturbance in the flow of electricity (energy flow). Lack of electricity (energy flow) causes the lights to go out elsewhere on the same circuit.

Heart Attack and Stroke

Did you know that patients with periodontal disease are nearly twice as likely to suffer a fatal heart attack and nearly three times as likely to suffer a stroke as those without periodontal disease?

Bacterial Infection and Diabetes

It is well established that periodontitis can make diabetes worse. Diabetics with severe periodontitis have greater difficulty maintaining normal blood-sugar levels. Treatment of periodontitis often leads to a reduced need for insulin. Dentists now recommend the immediate treatment of periodontal inflammation in all diabetic patients because treatment significantly reduces the risk of injury to the retina and arteries which is common with diabetes.

Pneumonia and Other Respiratory Diseases

Pneumonia often occurs after dental infection. Some bacteria that cause pneumonia thrive in infected tissues of those with periodontal disease.

So you see, your teeth are really more important than you think—and it’s a good idea to put your money where your mouth is. Whatever you spend on the health of your teeth is money well spent. Stay away from mainstream toothpastes and mouthwashes with toxic ingredients like, fluoride, sugars, aspartame (NutraSweet), sodium laureleth sulfate, and alcohols.

Reach for the best:

Healthy Living the Wynters Way Sunsmile

SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste

delivers powerful cleaning action without the harmful ingredients found in regular toothpastes. A tiny dab is all you need because it’s concentrated. (It lasts twice or three times as long as a regular tube of toothpaste.) SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste tastes so fresh and clean; children love it, and it doesn’t leave that gritty film on your teeth.


Healthy Living the Wynters Way Sunsmile drops

SunSmile Refresher Drops

This alcohol-free, all-natural formula is also concentrated. A few drops provide fresh breath all day. Mix with water or place a couple of drops directly on your toothbrush. Add it to your oral hygiene regimen for a burst of herbal refreshment anytime.


SunSmile Herbal Whitening Gel

SunSmile Whitening Gel is formulated to whiten teeth effectively and safely. Use it on a toothbrush with SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste or apply it directly to brighten your smile.

Whole food Nutrition and Dental Health

I write in my book:Healthy Living the Wynters Way Whitener

“Whole-food nutrition can play a huge role in dental health. . . You may want to consult a holistic dentist who can help you determine a specific program of dietary, lifestyle, and other therapies that may help with the deeper causes of dental problems.
In my opinion, the dietary and lifestyle changes that are most helpful when it comes to dental hygiene, are found in the Sunrider philosophy. They are incorporated in the product line which includes whole food nutrition. You cannot find better, more balanced foods for maintaining the health of your teeth and your whole body than those provided by Sunrider.”

One of the best whole food complexes for the entire body is Sunrider’s Quinary. It’s at the top of the list and at the heart of the philosophy of regeneration. When it comes to balance and nourishment for the whole body, think of Quinary.

Healthy Living the Wynters Way

Quinary contains a total of 48 concentrated herbs and extracts synergistically combined to feed each system of the body. Together, they promote balance, synergy, harmony and communication among the organs and systems of the body.

With the best whole food ingredients and the best in dental hygiene, the health of your teeth will reflect the health of your whole body. Sunrider: helping you maintain healthy balance—without preservatives or toxic synthetic chemicals.

*Read more about The Pure Cure and get an autographed copy for the price of the book (just order the un-autographed version and I will sign it).

Visit my newly updated website for more information on healthy living – The Wynter’s Way.

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