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November 24, 2013 2:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

This week, special guest Burton Goldberg, LHD, the “father of alternative medicine” and co-author of my book The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide To Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins, will be joining us for a discussion on cancer: treating and preventing it the natural way.

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Online TV/Radio show: Get Healthy the Wynter’s Way with The Pure Cure

The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide To Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins takes readers to a new level of awareness regarding the dangers of the toxins in everyday products and services. Taking a thorough and comprehensive approach, the Pure Cure guides readers through every took in the house and beyond, identifying problematic toxins and a course of action for eliminating them. The authors, Sharyn Wynters and Burton Goldberg, LHD also point to surprising new areas of concern, make suggestions for healthy solutions, and provide a list of products and companies that can offer safer alternatives.

Learn about toxin-free approaches to:
Indoor Air Pollution
What To Do About Water
Electromagnetic Smog
In The Kitchen
Cleaning Agents
Personal Care Products
Clothing and Textiles
Toxic Thoughts and Emotions
And much more!

About the Authors:
Sharyn Wynters is a naturopathic healer with more than 30 years of experience in health and wellness. Her commitment to helping people change their lives through non toxic living came as the result of her own personal health challenges. Years ago, by modifying her diet, by changing the products she routinely used in her home and in her personal care, an even by reviewing the thought patterns in her life, she was able to cure herself of degenerative disease. With regained health, she immersed herself in the world of wellness. She studied dozens of disciplines and obtained a degree in naturopathic healing from the Clayton School of Natural Healing. Since then, she has been able to help thousands of individuals on the pathway to a more vibrant life.

Burton Goldberg, LHD, is the founder and publisher of Alternative Medicine magazine, and known as the Voice of Alternative Medicine. He is internationally recognized as an expert on the field of alternative medicine, and he has spent years researching every aspect of holistic and integrative medicine, visiting leading health clinics throughout the Unites Staes, Europe, Israel, Mexico, and Russia. For more than a decade Burton Goldberg has been in the forefront of the movement to educate and empower the public to take control of their health. He is committed to helping forge profound, positive changes in health care.

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