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Sunrider: New Labels say, “NO GMO”

August 27, 2015 11:51 am Published by Leave your thoughts

GMO stands for genetically modified organism, referring to a organism that has been modified with genes from other organisms—including insects, bacteria, viruses and other plants for which there is no probability of natural breeding. The most common reason for genetic modification is to make foods resistant to herbicides, pests and diseases BUT what that means for the consumer is scary – to say the least.


The safety of these foods has not been adequately tested. Consequences of genetic modification have been disastrous in many countries for farmers and consumers alike. The Institute for Science in Society has kept a close watch on the science (or lack of it) behind the GMO debate. If you are interested you can get a real education, by clicking here.


For years I have been adamant against GMO. It is one of the reasons I am such a proponent of Sunrider.  Sunrider foods have always been GMO-free, and in our day that’s hard to find. In the U.S., there are no labeling requirements for GMO foods and it is estimated that more than 75 percent of the foods on supermarket shelves currently contain GM ingredients. These include pizza, chips, cookies, ice cream, salad dressing, corn syrup and many others. The most common crops that are genetically modified are soy, corn, beets (for sugar) cottonseed, and canola (the most common oils in everything).


Since its beginning in 1982, Sunrider has exceeded the most rigorous standards of food safety, ingredient quality and manufacturing integrity. While Sunrider foods have always been GMO-free, now the Sunrider product line will proudly support that claim with its new labeling.  Watch for the new GMO-free labels.


Watch the 3 minute Sunrider video .


I often wonder what I would do without Sunrider foods to serve as the backbone of my diet and health maintenance program.  I incorporate them into my meals and snacks throughout the day because I know they are non GMO, pesticide-free, not irradiated and that they are concentrated whole foods!   I live by the Sunrider philosophy, Nourish, Balance and Cleanse, and I encourage you to do the same. Let the Sunrider basic foods be the backbone of your diet. Make sure you have plenty on hand. 


I have short sections on the toxins in organic and GM foods (and what you

need to know to avoid them) in my book, The Pure Cure.  Check out one of the latest reviews, on Natural News . If you are interested in a copy of the book, please contact me from the website. 


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