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What do you know about Vitamin B-12?

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Vitamin B-12 is a unique vitamin that is not produced by plants or animals. The requirement is very small ( 2.4 micrograms daily-that’s thousandths of a gram) yet when it is missing from the diet, the consequences are serious. B-12 deficiency can cause damage to the nervous system and brain. Since vitamin B12 is necessary for cell division and for blood formation, its absence leads to an anemic condition called pernicious anemia.

Vitamin B-12 is produced by bacteria . . . and the most common way to get it is from animals who have consumed bacteria in their food. Vitamin B-12 can even be produced in a healthy intestinal tract colonized by a variety of good bacteria but the amount is very small. The major sources of vitamin B-12 are eggs, meats, milk, fish and poultry.

So, what about those of us who eat a vegan diet? For us, it is important to supply B-12 on a regular basis. It is critical for pregnant and lactating women. When vitamin B-12 is withheld from developing children, the consequences are disastrous. Vitamin B-12 is also important for all adults over the age of 60. That’s because B-12 is absorbed in the intestines. When digestion and absorption are compromised with age, vitamin B-12 often becomes deficient. Supplementing often helps with energy and focus. It has been called the “pep” vitamin.

While there are a few vegan food sources for vitamin B12 (nutritional yeast, sea vegetables, fortified foods and supplements) absorption is best through the mucus membranes of the mouth. That’s why I use and recommend VitaSpray, the Sunrider formula that includes the entire B complex of vitamins-important to be taken together.

· B-1 (Thiamin) Important for carbohydrate metabolism, nervous system, muscles, and heart.
· B-2 (Riboflavin) Necessary for red blood cell formation, antibody production and cell growth.
· B-3 (Niacinamide) Important for nervous system and metabolic reactions, energy production, circulation, and digestive function.
· B-5 (Panthenol) The anti-stress vitamin. B-5 is a key to health of the adrenal glands as well as the nervous system and in the utilization of the other B-vitamins.
· B-6 (Pyridoxine) Necessary for the absorption of B-12; also for the breakdown of proteins, the function of red blood cells, prevention of muscle cramps, proper immune function and more.
· Biotin Part of the B-complex necessary for the assimilation of other B-vitamins

Dr. Chen’s expertise in Chinese medicine and his years of research as a formulator lend a uniqueness to the Sunrider products. VitaSpray also includes a proprietary blend of herbal extracts( Luo Han Guo, Winter Melon, Orange Peel, Bitter Orange, Menthol, Clove oil, Eucalyptus oil, Grapefruit extract, Bromelain, Stevia extract, Neem tree extract and Licorice extract). The blend of herbal extracts, minerals and bioflavinoids in VitaSpray make it stand out above other B-12 products. The combination is synergistic, and a little goes a long way. One spray provides 200% of the daily recommended amount and you can be sure it is absorbed immediately.

VitaSpray contains these valuable minerals:

· Calcium – for healthy bones and teeth; important for blood clotting, heart function, and enzyme activation
· Potassium – important for water balance and nervous system function; helps maintain normal blood pressure and energy production
· Magnesium – responsible for more biochemical reactions than any other mineral; important for nervous system function, prevention of muscle cramps, and calcium metabolism
· Zinc – boosts the immune response; required for collagen formation;
· Iron – produces hemoglobin in red blood cells; required for energy production
· Manganese – activates many enzymes; important for the use of other B-vitamins; nourishes the nervous system
· Chromium -necessary for insulin usage ; often deficient in those who work out and exercise regularly
· Selenium – slows aging and protects against oxidative stress

Food for Thought

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