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Calli and Fortune Delight: What’s the difference?

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In our modern environment, we are continually bombarded with toxins. While Sunrider provides nourishing, whole foods, toxin-free personal care products and safe cleaning alternatives, there are still toxins in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, the homes we live in, the cars we drive, and in the sea of electromagnetic pollution we are surrounded with.  That’s why I wrote a whole book on the subject.  Suffice it to say that we need to be in a continual process of cleansing.  Calli and Fortune Delight are the backbone of Sunrider’s cleansing foods.

I am often asked, “What’s the difference between Calli and Fortune Delight? Do I need both?” The answer is, absolutely Yes!

While the foundational ingredients in both Calli and Fortune Delight are the same, each product has other herbal ingredients that focus on different areas of the body and on different avenues of cleansing. Let’s take a look at how they are similar and how they are different.

Have you noticed that tea is back in vogue? It’s because tea (both black and green) has now been documented to produce a variety of health benefits. At the top of the list of healthful ingredients in tea are catechins—naturally-occurring polyphenols with antioxidant characteristics. Antioxidants protect us from radiation and from free radicals in toxic substances. Catechins also suppress the accumulation of body fat and liver fat. They help the liver with detoxification. AND catechins suppress the build-up of glucose and insulin in the blood after the consumption of sugars. We need these little helpers —  and tea is loaded with them. Both Calli and Fortune Delight begin with a highly concentrated blend of black and green tea that supports cleansing and detoxification. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Wynters Way Calli Tea Spring Cleanse largerCalli is made by preparing a liquid concentrate of several special herbs. These are then sprayed on tea leaves that have been immersed in flower essences to improve their cleansing and nourishing qualities. When the process is complete, the amount of caffeine is minimal. Calli comes in a “tea” bag. When placed in hot water, the herbs and essences are immediately released in the water.

Calli focuses on supporting the liver and the circulatory system. It targets the removal of heavy metals while breaking down plaque in hardened arteries.  Calli is also formulated to enhance the communication process between each of the five systems (immune, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and endocrine). Many notice improved mental clarity (from the reduction of heavy metals), increased energy and natural slimming due to improved liver function and fat metabolism.

Calli comes in three flavors: regular, mint & cinnamon.  And don’t forget Calli Night for everyone who needs a good night’s rest. Calli Night has nine herbs to help you relax while nourishing your five systems during sleep.
Fortune Delight comes in powder form – also made of black and green tea with other herbs. It focuses on cleansing and supporting the kidneys, bladder and the entire digestive system.

Wynters Way Fortune Delight imageNo matter how good our food is, if we are not able to assimilate it, we are no better off. The specific herbs in Fortune Delight enhance assimilation and elimination by supporting the digestive process. And remember that our first line of defense is a healthy digestive system; it prevents bacteria and viruses from taking hold. In this way, Fortune Delight supports the immune system too.  Many notice improvements in digestion and elimination as well as improved immune function.

Fortune Delight comes in five flavors: regular, lemon, cinnamon, raspberry and peach.

How to make Calli and Fortune Delight
Calli and Fortune Delight need to be prepared differently. Calli requires hot water to release the concentrated herbs that have been sprayed onto the tea leaves. Fortune Delight is a powder and can be made cold or warm – or mixed with your smoothies. Remember that Calli and Fortune Delight are concentrated. One “teabag” of Calli contains the equivalent of about  6 regular tea bags, and although Calli is called “tea” it is more accurately referred to as a whole food herbal beverage. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it is simply tea.

The amount of water you use with your Calli is a matter of personal preference. If you like it strong, steep1 bag in16 oz. of hot water. Most people use 1 bag in 1 quart to ½ gallon of water. Boiling water is too hot and may damage the phytonutrients  and other whole–food qualities that have been carefully preserved. (Hot water that doesn’t burn your finger is just about the right temperature.) Never use microwaved water!  Microwaves damage water’s natural electromagnetic field and rob its energy. (You can read more on water in Chapter 2 of my book, The Pure Cure. You can also read more about the damaging electromagnetic fields emanating from microwaves in Chapter 3.)

Let the Calli steep for 5 minutes or as long as you like before drinking.
Once you have prepared Calli, it should be drunk within 24 hours.
Never use the same teabag over again because once it is placed in hot water, the herbal nutrients that have been sprayed on are immediately released.

Tips from my kitchen
Here’s how I make my morning smoothie with Calli, Fortune Delight and other Sunrider foods.

I use a “Mr.Coffee” machine that makes12 cups; it heats water without boiling it. Every morning I put 2 teabags of Calli in 12 cups of hot water and let it steep for 5-10 minutes. I add 1 Electrosport and a packet of Fortune Delight.  I call this Calli Delight; it is my base mixture. To make my morning Sunrider smoothie,

Wynters Way Tribest Personal Blender image

I take about 12 ounces  of Calli Delight and put it in a personal blender. (I love the Tribest Personal Blender which I have for sale on my website.) I add SunnyDew, 1 pkg of NuPlus, 2 packets of Quinary, 1 packet of Alpha 20C, 1 vial of Evergreen, and 1 packet of VitaDophilus. To this mix, I add 4 Citric C tabs, and 4 Herb Cal Tabs. I also like to add fruit (my favorite is blueberries for their additional antioxidant value) and a few seeds: hemp seeds, chia seeds and/or flax seeds. Twenty seconds in the blender turns everything into an incredibly creamy and delicious smoothie.  It’s packed with nutrient-dense whole foods that keep me going a long time. I use the rest of my Calli Delight throughout the day—by itself or as a base for other beverages.

Visit my website for more information on my book and for other tips on healthy living – The Wynters Way!

As always, In love and Light,

The Pure Cure – A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins

A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins

A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins


In agriculture, there are chemicals to kill pests, chemicals to make foods ripen faster, chemicals to make foods grow bigger, and to lengthen their shelf life. In the food processing industry, chemicals preserve freshness, they add colors to food, they, they line cans and boxes, and they trick your taste buds. In the textile industry, chemicals are used to make fabrics soft, to keep them from wrinkling, to make them fire retardant, to make them resistant to stains, to keep them from collecting static, and to make them water resistant. In the personal care industry, chemicals create suds; they remove grease, stiffen your hair, make your skin feel smooth, stop you from perspiring, change your hair color, lengthen your lashes, and make you smell good.

Unfortunately, many of the chemicals designed to improve your life’s experience cause birth defects, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, attention deficit, early puberty, and developmental problems in children. Many are known to cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Others are known to cause neurological disorders, sexual dysfunction, and cancer.
The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide To Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins

1. Indoor Air Pollution
2. What To Do About Water
3. Electromagnetic Smog
4. What’s Wrong With Our Food?
5. In The Kitchen
6. Cleaning Agents
7. Personal Care Products
8. Baby Products
9. Clothing and Textiles
10. Home Construction and Remodeling
11. How Does Your Garden Grow?
12. Toxins In Your Teeth
13. What About Vaccines?
14. Automotive Pollutants
15. Toxins and Man’s Best Friend
16. Toxic Thoughts and Emotions
17. What About Schools?
18. What To Do When You Travel
19. Detoxification
20. Conclusion and Call To Action
About the Authors

Sharyn Wynters

Sharyn Wynters is a naturopath with over 30 years experience in the wellness industry. Her commitment to helping people change their lives through health and nutrition came as the result of personal health challenges. In her 20’s, with everything going for her as a successful actress, Sharyn developed health problems. Her health challenges offered her an opportunity to re-evaluate many of the basic choices she made everyday. By modifying her diet, by changing the products she routinely used in her home and in her personal care, and even by reviewing the thought patterns in her life, she was able to cure herself of degenerative disease.

As a result of her own experience, Sharyn has been able to help thousands of individuals on the pathway to a more healthy life. Today she is internationally recognized for the regenerative program she developed – based on a lifestyle that includes whole food nutrition and a toxin-free living environment. She is a popular motivational speaker at conferences and seminars and is an avid raw food advocate. Her understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection, as well as her years of experience in the wellness industry are obvious as she and co-author Burton Goldberg address hundreds of subjects from an enlightened and well-informed perspective.
Dr. Burton Goldberg

For more than a decade, Burton Goldberg has been known as the “Voice of Alternative Medicine.” He has been in the forefront of the movement to educate and empower the public to take control of their health – to become aware of safe and effective treatment methods that are often overshadowed by drug-based symptom care. Burton Goldberg is the author of Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide – a 1,250 page reference work that has been hailed as “the bible of alternative medicine.”

He has also published a series of 18 books that provide in-depth information on some of our nation’s most serious health conditions. This series includes the landmark publication, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer. Today, Burton continues to broaden his outreach to the public as a filmmaker and producer and as a health consultant. He has produced three feature-length DVDs: Cancer Conquest: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine, Curing Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, and Ethical Stem Cells Now.

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