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VitaDophilus is made in a base of high-fiber apple pectin-a must during cleansing to keep the digestive tract clear so toxins can exit.

Spring Cleaning with Sunrider

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Time for a Spring Cleanse–with Sunrider!

Spring, (March through May in the Northern Hemisphere), celebrates rebirth. It is also Mother Nature’s detox season. The plant kingdom in the Spring is loaded with sprouts, greens and berries that support the cleansing process. These pungent, bitter and astringent foods help us to naturally expel the excess fats and proteins that build up during winter months.

With Sunrider’s philosophy of regeneration (Nourish Balance and Cleanse) we are naturally cleansing all the time (and we should be) but Spring is the time to support deeper cleansing. Our regular exposure to environmental toxins makes it even more important to follow the flow of the seasons. Each Spring brings a new opportunity for internal cleansing and renewal–especially if you suffer from headaches, indigestion, constipation, acne, bad breath, disturbed sleep, PMS or sluggishness. A spring detox could be just the thing you need.

How to support Spring cleansing:


Include the chlorophyll-rich, bitter, cleansing greens. Kale, collards, nettles, dandelion greens, mustard greens, parsley, and turnip greens have a bitter and/or astringent taste. They make your cells pucker just like they do your mouth. This stimulates the action of squeezing at a cellular level to remove toxins. Chlorophyll oxygenates and alkalizes the blood. Greens detox lymph, blood and fat cells.

Add lemons and limes These sour fruits stimulate the release of enzymes; they help convert toxins into a water-soluble form that can be easily excreted from the body. Lemons and limes also cleanse your liver. Add a slice of lemon/lime to a glass of water first thing in the morning and drink the lemon formulation of Fortune Delight — with concentrated lemon.

Add sprouts and certain spices Sprouts are an extremely potent phase of plant growth. They are dozens of times more nutritious than the adult plant. They help build tissue and contribute to sustained energy levels. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon and fennel improve circulation. They stimulate the release of toxins both in the digestive tract and on a cellular level. These spices detoxify your lymph, blood, kidneys and bowels.

Eat Spring berries and sweet fruits Fruits contain lots of fiber. Apples, are particularly high in pectin which serves as an intestinal broom to clear out toxins.
Eat lots of vegetables – and stay away from sugar, caffeine, and processed foods.


Any form of movement or stretching is good — especially in the Spring with a cleansing program. It encourages deep breathing and helps to keep everything moving as you release toxins. Make sure to go for brisk walks, a swim, a bike ride or other form of exercise. If you own a rebounder, 10 minutes a day will go a long way to supporting your Spring cleanse.

Sauna or sweat therapy:

If you have access to a sauna or steam room, use it this Spring. Sweating is one of the best ways to eliminate the toxins you release – through the skin. Or take a series of hot baths with a half cup of baking soda and/or other salts of your choice. Natural salts help to draw and hold toxins so they are not re-introduced back into the body.


Nothing supports the body’s cleansing and elimination like water. Water hydrates the blood and the lymph so that toxins can move rapidly through the detoxification pathways. Water is also a major component of the processes that take place in the liver and kidneys to neutralize and break down toxic compounds. And water is obviously important during the final stage of elimination, lubricating the intestines and providing the basis of urine. Always drink more water during detoxification.


Do you have a favorite massage therapist? Have a massage this Spring. There is nothing better to cleanse the body’s tissues and get things moving than a good massage to open energetic channels for the release of toxins. Skin brushing is something similar you can do at home to stimulate the movement of toxins. Gently brush your skin before a shower by making little circles beginning at the extremities and working toward your torso. Use a natural skin brush; it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes.

Sunrider support:

How can Sunrider products support a Spring cleanse? In my opinion, the foundation of any cleanse, should be the Sunrider basic three.

The regenerative foods in NuPlus/VitaShake provide simple, easy to digest whole-food nutrition while you focus on moving out the toxins. Try the Apple cinnamon formula (with apple pectin and cinnamon) or the mixed berry (with extra antioxidants from berries)

200_quinaryQuinary feeds the five systems so that each one can cleanse more deeply-especially in the Spring. And when I cleanse, I like to add additional Assimilaid (for the digestive system).

200_calliTeaCalli and Fortune Delight are the cleansing foods of the Sunrider program. Calli is an ancient Chinese formula for cleansing the body. It nourishes the liver and kidneys which are the major detoxifying organs of the body. Fortune Delight includes herbal extracts of chrysanthemum flower, jasmine and lalang grass root to supply your body with powerful antioxidants during the cleansing process. The liver requires tons of antioxidants for detox. And if you drink the Lemon Fortune Delight, you’ll be getting antioxidants AND additional lemon.

Dandelion Root is one of the 7 single herbs concentrated and enhanced for the Sunrider product line. It is an obvious inclusion in a Spring cleanse. Dandelion acts as a tonic and blood purifier-well known to support the liver during cleansing.

Evergreen & Spirolina are great sources of chlorophyll. I use them both during a cleanse. Many bacteria cannot survive in the presence of chlorophyll. Evergreen is one of the most bio-available chlorophyll supplements on the market today. It supports the circulatory and digestive systems; it cleanses and deodorizes the bowel; it helps eliminate mucus and it supports blood sugar metabolism. Spirolina is also loaded with chlorophyll — also with antioxidants and trace minerals that support detoxification. Spirolina is included in many heavy metal detox programs. Compared to other sea vegetables, spirolina has much greater nutrient bioavailability and it is easily digested. Be sure to add these two green powerhouses to your list for Spring cleansing.

200_vitadophilusVitaDophilus is made in a base of high-fiber apple pectin-a must during cleansing to keep the digestive tract clear so toxins can exit. And whenever you cleanse, you should replenish your friendly bacteria. They support the immune system and the digestive process. Each packet of VitaDophilus contains 1.5 billion organisms.

In love and Light,

Sharyn Wynters

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