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SUNRIDER: at the top of the list when it comes to protection against radioactive exposure!

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July 2013
Protection Against Radioactive Exposure with Sunrider!

Despite the fact that it is no longer in the news, radiation from Fukushima is still a problem. Experts say that even when leakages are completely contained, radiation will continue to spread throughout the world for decades. The problem is not short term.

According to established research, radiation is cumulative. Long-term exposure to low levels of radiation is one thousand times more dangerous than a single large exposure. Yet this is exactly what is happening to the entire world population. Each of us is being exposed to low levels of radiation that will continue for a long time. There is no safe level-despite what you have been told.

But, there are ways to protect you and your loved ones, and the good news is that Sunrider products are on the top of the list. It’s true!

Cali Tea

After 55 years of being classified, research was released showing that 20 cups of green tea a day provided 97% protection against exposure to atomic radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That’s nearly complete protection. Perhaps it is why green tea is the number one item on the list for radiation protection today. Green tea contains catechins and other naturally-occurring polyphenols effective in absorbing damaging free radicals. But 20 cups of tea a day is beyond most people’s reach. That’s where Sunrider has the answers.

Sunrider’s Calli tea is concentrated-with the antioxidant power of 5 or 6 cups of green tea in each cup. 3 cups a day is enough to provide the amount of protection revealed by research-without additional caffeine-and without preservatives. Calli Tea also contains a blend of powerful herbs that assist in removing free radicals and in detoxifying the entire body. Is it on the top of your list? Are you drinking at least three cups a day?

The #2 protectant on the list today was documented after Chernobyl. Apple pectin acts by binding to radionuclides in the digestive tract. Since pectin is not soluble, radioactive particles (and heavy metals) are taken from the body in one swoop. Over a period of one month, the radioactive burden in exposed children was reduced by 62% with the use of apple powder alone.

VitaDophilus is made in a base of high-fiber apple pectin-a must during cleansing to keep the digestive tract clear so toxins can exit.

VitaDophilus is made in a base of high-fiber apple pectin-a must during cleansing to keep the digestive tract clear so toxins can exit.

Sunrider’s VitaDophilus uses apple powder with pectin to carry a minimum of 20 million live, cultured bacteria to your body. It’s impact is felt on three levels:

* balances intestinal flora

* aids digestion
* draws toxins (especially radiation) from your body

Is VitaDophilus on your list this month?


Another thing you can do to protect against radiation is to make sure your body has plenty of minerals. If your cells have the minerals they need, radioactive minerals will not find a place to reside. In other words, if bones contain plenty of minerals, radioactive strontium and barium are not drawn in. Similarly, if the thyroid has plenty of iodine, radioactive iodine is not attracted to the thyroid. The same is true of other minerals and their radioactive counterparts.

prod_electrosportOrganically grown raw foods are a great source of biologically available minerals. Another great source of minerals is Wynters Way SpirulinaSunrider’s Electrosport. This concentrated herbal fluid replacement, when diluted with water, helps to rehydrate and remineralize the body. It provides important minerals for hydration and protection from radiation. Mix 1 vial in 2 quarts of water-or better yet – in your Calli Tea.

Sunrider’s Spirolina is also a good source of minerals–particularly iodine. The fact that it is a whole food, makes the iodine available where many iodine supplements are questionable. Make it a point to have some every day!

Our exposure from nuclear reactors is a reflection of the global struggle to move from technologies that promote death to technologies that promote life.

Sunrider products promote life . . .and I’m proud to be a part of a company that is dedicated to the promotion of life.

Sunrider products are still on the top of my list!! Are they on yours?

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