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Water, Indoor Air Pollution, and Electromagnetic Smog – What you can do!

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What To Do About Water

On these HOT summer days, it’s important to remember to stay HEALTHY AND HYDRATED!

Chapter 2 of my book, The Pure Cure, deals with WHAT TO DO ABOUT WATER: Water Contaminants – Water Solutions.

Since water is meant to flush the toxins and waste materials from our bodies, drinking contaminated water can add to the toxic burden.

Some of these toxins include heavy metals, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, and so many more.

Simple things like filters, distillation, and ultraviolet systems, will go a long way to keeping you HEALTHY and HYDRATED!

Hydration is a KEY to the proper functioning of our immune systems. Is is also a factor of EVERY process in the human body.

Even the slightest decrease in hydration can have major consequences: fatigue, impaired mental capacity (brain fog), constipation, dry skin, increased blood pressure, and headaches. Many of these symptoms are considered “normal” in today’s world – possibly because much of the population is chronically dehydrated.

Indoor Air Pollution

One of the goals of my book, The Pure Cure, is to help you maintain and/or restore health on each of the levels of body, mind, and spirit. With that in mind, it is also important to understand that we no longer live in a ‘natural’ world.

Air pollution is usually associated with outdoor pollution, but according to the EPA, INDOOR air pollution is an even greater concern. The first chapter of my book The Pure Cure, INDOOR AIR POLLUTION And What You Can Do About It, identifies the variety of toxins found in your indoor environment and the many different air-cleaning devices (from ionizers to plants) that you can use to purify the air around you.
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The immediate effects of indoor air pollution may show up as eye, nose, and throat irritation and are usually short term. Other, more serious health effects may show up after years of exposure, Thus, there is a need to improve indoor air quality in as many ways as possible – even if symptoms are not present.

Electromagnetic Smog – Another From of Pollution

During this time of increased cosmic and other forms of radiation, there are many precautions we can take to protect ourselves and our environment. Some safeguards include the use of grounding devices and other protective products, diets that are high in antioxidants, and many other non-radiological alternatives. In my book The Pure Cure, chapter 3 on ELECTROMAGNETIC SMOG-Another Form of Pollution, addresses all the different forms of exposure and the various remedies and alternatives available.

The human body is an electrical system. Nearly every biological function depends on electrical signals. EM pollution disrupts the body’s electromagnetic field and creates chaos and confusion to the point where cellular communication is impaired…
Electromagnetic smog is a major cause of health problems in our modern world. It is invisible, silent, odorless, and tasteless; and unless we have become sensitized to it-often to the point of becoming sick-we are unaware of its presence. We are surrounded by a sea of electromagnetic frequencies unprecedented in the history of the human race.

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